The camping hut is made of sandwich glassfiber with 3cm insulation in the walls and 4cm in the roof. It’s 2m underneath the roof, and the inner with is a little bigger.
The camping facilities consists og
– Dining table with benches
– Kitchenbench with refrigerator drawer, gass kooker and sink
– Kloset for clothes etc.
– Beds
– Bathroom with toilet, klosets and handwash
Under the floor there’s an aprox. 90cm wide and 30cm deep cellar with
– 2 big camping batteries
– Diesel heater
– 24 to 230V electric converter, 1000W
– 300 liter water tank
– Storage area
Under the hut there’s 2 diesel tanks, one on each side, and on top of it there’s a solar panel.